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The program is unavailable for downloading: cannot be downloaded. Obtained with certain hardware.
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This program has been reported to be unavailable on a regular basis.
This implies that we are unable to provide universally applicable download links, relevant version information.
Photo Viewer

Latest comments

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    Guest 6 years ago

    This programme serves only to load images on a portable Viewer (Keychain).
    It has no other applications, also is a bad program works too badly.
    Finally the link provided to update does not work.

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    Guest 6 years ago

    Agreed the updated link is not working..
    The program it self is not that well made nor works that well any ways..
    Be a good idea to look else where for a viewer program..
    Just to bad this is the only program that will install pics to my Digi keychain photo viewer though..
    So I have to use it~even though I do not want to..

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    Beverly Sisk 7 years ago

    The Link to this is bad and wont go to the site and download it, please find a better link for this update